After 20 years in Graphic Design and building informative and E-commerce websites for mostly entrepreneurs all over the world while living in a small town gaining a decade of print experience..

I moved out west to a large city full of independent creatives so that I could continue to enhance my skills by way of word of mouth.

It’s been a wonderful approach and I’ve learned so much about life and people from my work experience.

Now, I’ve transitioned into photography full time so I can enjoy working together in person with others.

Please add me on LinkedIn, where I enjoy looking into discoveries.

Built a website for my creative photography pursuit, which is a little more current and interesting than this one!

I still keep my career in Design and Coding please reach out to me if you would like assistance in building your dream through marketing.

Always looking for others who have skills that are also in line with mine or even something different, should you like to chat about what you would like to do and see how we could best work together!