My custom One-of-a-kind designs are creatively brewed in my office in Portland Oregon to establish a web presence to companies large and small. I had my first website up in 2003, and since that time, I’ve come a long way from where it all began. I’ve spent much of my free time perfecting my skills in this area, and it has paid off time after time, not only for me, but for my clients as well. My journey started well after I had already had some Graphic Design paying gigs, which having those skills and being able to turn designs into code is a skill very few Graphic Designers possess and enjoy doing.

Typical Web Design Process

  • ① Preliminary Research
  • ② Strategic Planning
  • ③ Interface Design
  • ④ Front-End Programming
  • ⑤ Back-End Programming
  • ⑥ Quality Assurance
  • ⑦ Web Promotion